We care about our customers and their experience with ikonhouse. Statement.

We care about our end-to-end responsibility.  In designing, installing and programming smart systems letting you control your environment intuitively to set the right ambience .  We take pride in advising customers on options while provisioning for future requirements. The most expensive cable is the one not foreseen in due time. We are the first involved and last to leave, after total satisfaction.

We care about the reliability of our solutions to work every time, just as expected.  Every required competence is an in-house talent at ikonhouse; design, cabling, terminations, programming and, project management. Our teams attend trainings regularly to remain up-to-speed with the latest technologies. Our method statements ensure that even the simplest tasks are done the right way.

We care about our smart systems to perform smoothly throughout your property.  Our packages are complete including Wi-Fi, intercom and home cinemas. Interfaces like keypads, mobiles and, touch-panels are customized to your preferences, from scenes to single buttons. Our proposals separate hardware and services. We exclusively work with reference brands that passed the test of time.

We care about your value for money . There are many components with each its own features and characteristics. We listen carefully to your requirements and suggest the right solution. As a result, many customers have rewarded us with their trust and awarded us on the other projects, i.e. their residence, office, board room, auditorium, restaurants, SPA or hotel projects.

Last but not the least, we care about your experience working with ikonhouse.  Our end-product is not the hardware but the way we configure it for you the ultimate living experience. Come experience the ikonhouse end-product at our showroom located in Alserkal Avenue. All teams are in-house, knowledgeable and care to provide you with the best service possible.

We are here to assist you in any questions or inquiries you may have.

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