Any hotel require audio/visual solutions. This is most often defined as a TV in each room thought it can be so much more. For instance, a visitor can from the reception or even from booking log-in with a music service (e.g. Spotify) and as they enter the hotel room after arriving the music system will detect the phone ( that is connected to the hotel WiFi) and because it knows the account the client only needs to press play on the keypad at the entrance- the button is conveniently covered with a "play/pause" symbol. Another is the content on the screen; whenever you enter your room for the first time the screen is what will most likely catch your attention. The reason is ofcourse that it's bright and that it's on, but also that it's a natural source of information. Why not take advantage of this? You can easily create an overlay to display any information you like, whether it's when breakfast is served or to inform the visitor of activities that might be tailored if the visitor indicated his/her interest upon booking the room.