If you have ever travelled, then you most likely know the feeling of walking into a hotel room that you have never stepped foot in before- you need to learn how to interact with the space from scratch. However, by automating the space you can create a much easier to understand user interface that the conventual switches. A keypad can have 2-8 buttons with each button having a symbol or text to indicate the action/scene. At the bedside, one button might indicate bedside lights, ne will eb a curtain symbol and another perhaps the cove light. In addition to controls that affect your environment, you might have a button that sends a signal to the digital door sign at the front door that will prompt the signal "do not disturb" to appear. The whole point is again to add convenience, but also to make it easier getting accustomed with a new space. Symbols are ideal for hostels as the various people visiting will speak different languages meaning that using universal language like symbols is ideal. Lastly, from an aesthetic point-of-view, the keypads are beautifully crafted and can match any design while also assuring the thermostat have the same design, dimensions and finish as the keypad.