This is the backbone of any system. We often insist on designing, supplying and installing the WiFi system for one single reason- our app is depending on it. When you take out your phone to turn up the volume or to close the blinds, your phone connects to the WiFi, and if the WiFi signal isn't strong enough, then nothing will happen. Granted, you will always have the switches on your wall that works regardless of WiFi. However, why give you a customized app for control if it doesn't always work? In addition to this the backend is where all the cables end up. All our equipment ultimately talks together through a dedicated network switch, so we take this part very seriously. In addition to the IT we have security. Regardless of whether you want coverage of every corner of your home with high-grade cameras or whether you just want an overview to check in while on vacation, there's a solution for you. Another important aspect to security is access control unit where you by entering a code or with a quick scan of your finger can let yourself in - there's a solution for any use case.