In F&B and retail environments the automated control is to create the right ambience for your visitors. Let's take a restaurant as an example. During the day when people come for lunch you might have higher intensity on the light. When it gets dark and people come for dinner you might lower the intensity and the music flowing should be subtle so people can hear each other around the restaurant. When the time reaches 10 pm the restaurant turns into a lounge and hence the volume of the music will increase. These actions can all be scheduled which rule out any human errors (i.e. forgetting to dim the light). Likewise in a retail environment, being able to control the environment in an easy and intuitive way is crucial. When the store manager enters the space in the morning he or she will press one button and the store is set and ready to go. Light will turn on at full intensity, the temperature will decrease, and the music will be playing throughout the space. When the day is over the last person leaving will press one button and the whole store goes into standby- ready to start again the following day.