ATD2 - Wulff Lounge chair - Walnut oiled - Longhaired sheepskin Honey

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  • Frame
  • Seat

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Frame: Walnut / Oil
Seat: Longhaired Sheepskin Honey

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Introducing Wulff, a lounge chair whose upholstered form pays tribute to the hand-crafted designs of the 1930's. Wulff promises superior craftsmanship and outstanding comfort with luxuriantly soft upholstery that covers its seat and backrest. Intended as a lounge chair for the living room or bedroom, its architectural shape will add a stylish statement to any interior.

Dimensions DxWxH: 85 x 84 x 85 cm   Sitting height: 41 cm 

Manufacturer &Tradition

Designer Viggo Boesen

Year 1938